This is the gate to Cole’s home in Garrapata Canyon. . . you reach this point after trekking about a mile down a hillside on a one lane dirt road into the canyon. We saw a large bobcat near here when leaving one evening.

Here JB is standing at the gate to Cole’s house.

Susan standing next to the sign on the gate.

 Following the road beyond the gate you drive into a large forest of 50 to 75 foot tall cypress, eucalyptus and incense cedar. . . this is the road to Cole’s house and studio. The foot bridge in the distance leads to his front door.

Just beyond the foot bridge is Cole’s studio/dark room/classroom/office/garage/laundry. . .

JB standing at the door to Cole’s studio!

Across the foot bridge is Cole’s home.

This is the back of the studio. Below the studio is a garage, to the right (just out of the frame) is the laundry and restroom. The balcony is where we met each morning for hot tea and coffee before we started the days activities.

Cole and JB on the balcony of the studio.

Susan and JB with Cole on the balcony.

The first day was spent looking at photographs. . . we started off with Cole’s work.

Cole showed and discussed about thirty of his images. . .

Then we took a break. Next Cole began showing Edward’s images. . .this is one of Edward’s well known photographs. NOTE: the Cole photo just above his head. . . this is “Surf and Headlands”. . . we now have this fine image hanging on our wall also.

This is another famous Edward Weston photo. . .

This is a well known image of Edward with his camera.

Each day we brought a lunch and took about an hour to eat and roam around the property. . . the first day was dedicated to looking at photos, so after lunch everyone had a turn at showing and discussing their work. Cole took a seat and here I am showing my stuff. . .

Here is Susan presenting her images to the group.

Cole seemed to enjoy getting to sit and listen to us talk. We had a wonderful time getting to meet this warm friendly person. . . his comments about everyone’s work was nothing but encouraging. We ended the day around 4:30 and retreated back to our motel room for some much needed rest and time to prepare for the next day.