The entrance to Point Lobos State Reserve. . . 9:00 a.m. We all met at Point Lobos for day two of the workshop.

Cole was waiting to greet us at Weston Beach.

We also met Cole’s son Kim. . . he was there to assist his father and make some 8×10 negatives for the dark room session the following day.

Cole and JB on Weston Beach.

Kim looking at one of the rock features on Weston Beach that his grandfather photographed.

Kim and Cole walking the trail along the sea shore at Weston Beach.

Kim and Cole standing by the Weston Beach sign.

Part of the field trip to Point Lobos included making some negatives with an 8×10 camera. . . here Cole is using a Pentax spot meter to determine the exposure for one of the negatives he and Kim made that day.

Cole and Kim making an 8×10 negative at Weston Beach. . . the camera they are using belongs to Kim. . . Kim was his uncle Brett Weston’s assistant for 15 years. . . this camera originally belonged to Brett.

Cole with the workshop participants on Weston Beach.

After spending the morning photographing and listening to Cole on Weston Beach, we went to the picnic area for lunch. . . and more stories from Cole. . .

After lunch we moved to Cypress Grove and headed out on the trail to the point.

After showing us numerous places where his father had made images, Cole showed us a fallen Cypress near the far west end of the trail.

Leaning over this fallen tree reveals the bottom portion of the tree root photographed by Edward over 50 years ago.

Cole and JB on the trail at Cypress Grove.

Next we went to the beach just east of Sand Hill Cove where Cole showed us another one of Edward’s famous images from Point Lobos. . . strangely enough, this is just 15 feet from where I made a photo the previous year titled “Mysterious Rock.”

Susan, Cole and JB on the beach at Point Lobos.

Cole sat on the beach and told stories for quite some time. . . here Susan had a chance to make some nice portraits of him.

Susan made this image of Cole. . .

. . .this is another image Susan made of Cole on the beach.