WORD SPLASH Joanne FariesAn interesting and entertaining BLOG by our good friend, and creative writer, Joanne Faries.  Here you will find short stories, movie reviews, words of wit, humor, and excitement, from a truly talented and creative artist.

Official web site for Mono Lake, California. . .
Containing information on Mono Lake and the Eastern Sierra.



CLYDE BUTCHERFine Art Photography by Clyde and Niki Butcher

BOB KOLBRENERWeb site of Bob Kolbrener. One of the west coast ‘premiere’ fine art photographers

KIM WESTONFine Art Photographer & grandson of Edward Weston



Pin Registration; Archival Print Washers; Sheet Film Washers; Contact Printers; Gaseous Burst Processing; for Large Format Photography and Ultra Large Photography in the Analog Darkroom.

Specializing in platinum and palladium printing alternative and
antique processes large format and fine art photography

FLUTOT'S CAMERA REPAIR Highly recommended shutter service and repair. If you have a shutter in
in need of service, this is the place to contact. Great personal, friendly service.

ILFORDSuppliers of film, paper and chemistry. . .
THE source for LF and ULF Black & White film

LOTUS VIEW CAMERA Manufacturer of wooden view cameras, film holders and accessories. . .
an excellent source for panoramic cameras, film holders, film and supplies


Manufacturer of high quality lenses

SK GRIMESS. K. Grimes Inc. provides specific solutions for photographers:
Accessories, Repairs, Custom machining and Modifications.

VIEW CAMERA STORESource for large format cameras, accessories and dark room equipment

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